Why You Should Consult with an ALF Dentist about an ALF Appliance

Why You Should Consult with an ALF Dentist about an ALF Appliance

This blog post from the office of Hila Robbins, DMD, Inc., will look at why you should consult with a pediatric dentist about an ALF appliance.

Proper development oral cavity is about a lot more than just teeth. It’s about anatomy (including bone and soft tissue) and function (how everything works together as a whole). As a child grows, teeth move, the bones of the cranium remodel and move, the jaw gets bigger, the palate expands, and the airway (the passageway for breathing) opens up. These developmental processes are interrelated in a complex choreography. Sometimes, the body needs a little help to allow for optimal development. That’s where the ALF appliance comes in.

The ALF (Advanced Lightwire Functionals) is a special type of wire appliance designed to facilitate the natural development of the oral cavity and associated structures and gently encourage optimal function. Each ALF is custom designed according to the patient’s unique anatomy and clinical picture.

An ALF dentist in Los Angeles, CA, is specially trained to assess the development of the oral cavity, as this relates to the rest of the body, and to treat patients with an ALF appliance.

When you speak with a dentist who uses ALF treatment, she can explain the value of such a solution. This appliance uses biocompatible, lightweight, flexible wire. It can be removed from the mouth (as advised by the dentist), making it more comfortable and hygienic than some fixed appliances or traditional braces. ALF is not necessarily a replacement for traditional braces. This can be discussed in consultation with the ALF dentist.

ALF treatment follows a multidisciplinary approach, involving the ALF dentist, the pediatrician, and, depending on the patient’s individual needs, the Cranio-osteopath, speech pathologist, oral myofunctional therapist, and/or occupational therapist.

The Hila Robbins, DMD, Inc. clinic is happy to answer your questions and arrange a consultation about the ALF appliance and treatment options…