What Are Advanced Lightweight Functionals (ALF) & Where to Find an ALF Dentist

alf for kids los angeles, ca

Malocclusions in dental terms mean that the teeth are either misaligned or don’t fit correctly in the mouth. In the past, the traditional solution was to remove teeth and redirect the remaining teeth. These days, many pediatric dental specialists prefer ALF devices, or Advanced Lightweight Functionals, for their patients.

An ALF dentist in Los Angeles, CA, will assess your child’s teeth and may prescribe the use of this cranial osteopathy-based orthodontic system. It uses a customized orthodontic made of light, flexible wire that guides the natural growth and development process.

ALF for kids provides the following benefits:

Comfort & Hygiene
Almost Undetectable Wires
Improved Breathing, Swallowing, & Speech
Optimizes Facial & Neurological Development
Can Be Applied Before Invisalign Treatment

Orthodontic Solutions for Your Child

An ALF dentist will provide accurate assessments and orthodontic solutions for children of almost any age, including:

Young children aged seven or younger – ALF appliances can help guide proper facial growth and balance. It can also help alleviate neurological, craniofacial, and orthodontic concerns later in life.

Children aged between seven and eleven – ALF can remodel suboptimal growth and redirect proper development.

From the teen years onward – ALF can correct relapses and make corrections for function and esthetics.

Speak to your ALF dentist in Santa Monica or Los Angeles to improve your child’s smile.