An Innovative Approach to Pediatric Dentistry in Los Angeles: The ALFAppliance

The ALF Appliance: A Gentle, Natural Approach to Oral Development in Los Angeles.

For today’s kids, going to the pediatric dentist is about so much more than teeth! Proper development of a child’s teeth, gums, oral tissues, jaw, and oro-facial anatomy can influence the proper development and healthful function of the child’s whole body. Consequently, today’s leading pediatric dentists are evaluating children’s oral health and development and creating treatment plans.

The ALF Appliance: A Gentle, Natural Approach to Oral Development

Traditional methods of orthodontic treatment use fixed brackets (attachment points on the teeth) and wires, as well as straightening and aligning teeth, using the external forces of wires to influence the positioning of the teeth. This approach. Innovative alternatives to traditional orthodontics, such as the ALF (Advanced Lightwire Functionals) Appliance, use the natural forces of bone and muscle development to help stimulate and guide optimal oral cavity development and teeth positioning. Rather than relying on externally applied forces, the ALF Appliance acts to stimulate optimal, genetically-determined development and movement of the bones and connective tissues that form the dental arches, the upper and lower maxilla (jaw), and influence tooth positioning, the shape of the upper palate, and the structure (amount of opening) of the upper airway.

The ALF treatment approach is based on the knowledge that the human body is a complex system of interrelated anatomical structures (bones and connective tissues), organs, vessels, and pathways (nerves, airways, etc.) that the alignment of the teeth, jaws, and facial structures can influence. The ALF approach goes well beyond simply straightening teeth; it aims to create harmony among all components of the face, resulting in improved breathing, posture, and whole-body health. For these reasons, the ALF can be thought of as a whole-body approach to dental development.

Key to the ALF approach is the use of ALF appliances. These appliances are customized to each patient’s unique dental and oral anatomy and particular oral health needs and are designed to guide the growth and development of the teeth and jaws in a more natural way. To design and fabricate a customized ALF Appliance, the patient’s dental arches and teeth can often be scanned using a computerized “light wand,” which produces a 3-dimensional, digital model, thereby reducing the discomfort and anxiety associated with the making of traditional dental molds.

Advantages of the ALF Appliance for Children

One of the many advantages of the ALF Appliance is that it is ideal for kids. Children’s dental needs can be complex, and treatment plans can be tailored to the development of their mouth and jaw structures. ALF for kids is gentle and not typically visible to others, making it particularly appealing to children.

To learn more about ALF appliances, look for an ALF dentist in Los Angeles, CA.