Your Team for Pediatric Dentistry in Los Angeles, CA

Optimal oral health is a lifelong commitment. Give your child a solid foundation at the dental practice of Hila Robbins, DMD, Inc. We are a complete care center for pediatric dentistry in Los Angeles, CA. With our skill, experience, and compassionate approach to care, your child will have everything he or she needs to maintain a happy and healthy smile, optimal oral health, and overall wellbeing.

We’re a team that is dedicated to pediatric oral health. Dr. Robbins and her staff provide personalized care that makes children smile and empowers parents and guardians with information and options for optimal care. We see and treat newborn babies, infants, young children, and adolescents up to the age of 13.

A Multidisciplinary, Integrative and Functional Approach

Dr. Hila Robbins is a leader in integrative, functional and biological pediatric dentistry. The guiding philosophy in our practice is to consider how each individual patient’s optimal health and wellbeing can best be achieved, by considering the patient’s comprehensive clinical picture–how oral health affects the entire body, as well as how early developmental, behavioral and environmental factors (for example, medical history, neurodiversity and special needs, incidence of any early childhood trauma or injury; feeding issues, airway and breathing issues, sensory and neurosequencing issues, etc.) can impact oral health, sleep and breathing, facial development, head/neck and body posture, and performance in school.

We advocate and encourage critical thinking, seeking both to support and empower parents, guardians and the children we treat to become lifelong learners and active participants in promotion of healthy habits and best practices.

When your child visits our pediatric dental office, you can be assured that we will do everything we can to deliver compassionate and gentle care.

Contact us to request an appointment. We serve patients throughout Los Angeles, the Greater LA Area, and are proud to see patients who travel from further down the road–as well as from out of state and overseas!