Nonsurgical BabyLase Therapy for Children and Toddlers in Los Angeles, CA

BabyLase Therapy for Children Los Angeles, CA

Helping nursing babies with gentle releases of oral tissues

About BabyLase Therapy for Children in Los Angeles, CA. Parents today are eager to learn how their young child’s oral anatomy and function can affect breastfeeding and the ability of nursing infants and toddlers to thrive. With greater awareness and research, parents and pediatric oral care providers are interested in the role restrictions or tightness of oral tissues—particularly tongue ties—play in breastfeeding.

Treating tongue ties in nursing children has traditionally involved a surgical procedure called a “frenectomy” or “frenotomy.” However, the latest research and technological advances have focused on less invasive procedures and protocols for follow-up care to optimize treatment outcomes.

BabyLase is a laser-assisted, non-surgical softening of tight tissues that can help nursing infants or toddlers with breastfeeding and guide them to a better nursing experience.

Dr. Hila Robbins is a specially trained BabyLase practitioner. As an innovator in the use of dental lasers in pediatric dentistry, Dr. Robbins has the specialized knowledge and clinical experience to advise and educate parents about the role that oral anatomy and function play in breastfeeding and early childhood development and to explain available treatment options when indicated.

BabyLase offers a more gentle, integrative, “whole body” approach that may also offer the possibility of avoiding surgery completely.