Pediatric Dentistry: Teach Your Children to Care for Their Smiles

Pediatric Dentistry in Los Angeles, CA

You want your children to grow up with bright and beautiful smiles that shine with confidence. You also want to instill good habits and practices for oral care that will stay with your children for a lifetime. Lead by example by brushing daily with your children. They’ll begin to imitate you so that they leave their dental checkups with a clean bill of health.

It all begins with babies. Even though they have no teeth yet, clean your baby’s gums daily from the time your little one comes home from the hospital. According to best practices for pediatric dentistry in Los Angeles, CA, use a wet washcloth or gauze pad after every feeding and before your baby goes to bed. This keeps nasty bacteria from multiplying in little mouths and negatively impacting health. It’s not a good idea to transfer a washcloth (or other items) from your mouth to your baby’s mouth because that transfers your bacteria into your baby’s mouth.

As your baby’s teeth start to come in, the pain causes babies to fuss. To reduce pain, give your baby a chilled teething ring or baby pain medicine. When your baby’s first tooth comes in fully, or, if your baby (or you!) experience any oral concerns (including breastfeeding issues with your baby, or appearance of oral tissues or irritations that may concern you), bring your baby to our pediatric dentistry in Los Angeles, CA, for an initial check-up or exam. first checkup.

Show your toddlers the right way to brush their teeth and let them practice, but, parents should help to finish the job. That way, you know that your kids’ teeth are clean, and you’re reinforcing good dental hygiene. With twice-daily brushing and regular dental visits, your children can show off their pearly whites in their earliest pictures.