Going to a Pediatric Oral Health Care Dentist Should be Fun

Going to a Pediatric Oral Health Care Dentist Should be Fun

Can you guess why these two super cute little critters look so happy? Because they are going to Dr. Robbins’ office for a visit! Say hello to Dr. Robbins’ two dogs, Jake (the smiling guy on the left) and Lulu (she’s missing her left eye, so she rocks a special haircut). Jake and Lulu are regular visitors to Dr. Robbins’ office, where they love to hang out with everyone and sniff around for treats. Ever considerate, Jake and Lulu are hypoallergenic; they don’t shed.

Visiting the pediatric dentist’s office should be an enjoyable experience for kids and a time for parents and families to feel welcomed. Years ago, when we first opened our office, we had a tiny rescue Yorkie named Holly, who became our very special “therapy dog.” Holly helped kids and parents to relax and feel at home. Dogs can sense how people feel, and Holly would always make kids, and their parents feel calm. It’s the same with Jake and Lulu every time they drop by the office.

You want your child to look forward to their dental appointments so that they can establish a positive attitude about their oral health. Your child’s permanent teeth should arrive in a healthy oral environment that establishes a promising dental future. You can set your child up for good pediatric oral health in the Los Angeles / Beverly Hills / Santa Monica, CA area, with the care of an experienced dentist and parental diligence.

Now that Jake and Lulu have got you smiling, here are a few words of advice from Dr. Robbins:

Learning Good Habits

One of the primary reasons to create healthy pediatric dental and oral care habits is to ensure those practices carry into adulthood. Start early. In infants, establish a routine for gently rubbing and cleaning the gums. Once baby teeth erupt, brush and floss those little teeth, and encourage your child to participate and, eventually, to take responsibility for his or her own brushing, flossing, and rinsing.

Routine Check-Ups

Visiting your pediatric oral health specialist will help your pediatric dentist to identify, follow, and, if advised, treat developmental issues related to dental and oral health. Yes, the pediatric dentist can help your child to stay ahead of dental decay, but that’s just one aspect of good oral care. Establishing a regular pattern of dental visits can help your child to become more comfortable in the dental chair and to know what to expect during regular visits.

Healthy Diet

It’s no secret that food and drinks high in sugar content are hard on teeth (and not good for general health), so limiting your child’s access to excessive sugar will protect and help maintain healthy teeth. Read food and drink labels. Foods and beverages labeled as “all-natural,” “made with real fruit,” or “gluten-free” can be very high in sugar.