Integrative Pediatric Dentistry in Los Angeles, CA

Integrative Pediatric Dentistry in Los Angeles, CA

Dentistry is a wide, varied, and constantly evolving field with many areas of practice and specialization. The clinic of Hila Robbins, DMD, Inc. utilizes integrative pediatric dentistry in Los Angeles, CA. Not everyone is familiar with this topic, so we’re going to describe what it is in this blog post.

Integrative treatment offered by the pediatric dentist is a comprehensive approach that looks at the connection between dental, oral, craniofacial, and systemic (or “whole body”) development, health, and overall wellbeing. Integrative dentistry considers much more than teeth and gums. It includes a broad range of dental treatments and advanced techniques and combines them with science-based, holistic principles and practices. This delivers a whole-body approach to optimal anatomical, functional, and aesthetic development, dental health, and full-body wellness.

Pediatric dental specialists use their understanding and experience of how a healthy mouth appears, functions, and interacts with the body in relation to the patient’s overall health. Employing an integrative approach, pediatric dentists seek to prevent or reverse dental issues so as to optimize the patient’s whole-body development, health, and wellness.

Because integrative dentistry considers the entire patient, pediatric dentists such as Dr. Robbins frequently collaborate with other healthcare specialists to address patient issues or conditions that may fall outside the traditional scope of dental practice. This may include, for example, referral of certain patients to medical or occupational specialists for further evaluation and multidisciplinary treatment.

We invite you to learn more about this type of dentistry by getting in touch with Hila Robbins, DMD, Inc. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.