What Type of Children’s Dental Specialist is Right for My Child?

Children's Dental Specialist in Los Angeles, CA

A children’s dental specialist in Los Angeles, CA, is simply a dentist who treats children, right? If only it were so simple! We used to refer to a dentist who specializes in treating children as a “pedodontist,” but today, “pediatric dentist” is the term more commonly used. A pediatric dentist has completed the traditional 4-year doctoral training in dentistry plus a two-year, post-doctoral specialty residency focused on pediatric dentistry. Some pediatric dentists, including Dr. Hila Robbins in Los Angeles, CA, have also completed a post-doctoral fellowship at a children’s hospital and gained additional experience in caring for hospitalized children or outpatients.

Traditionally, pediatric dentists have focused on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of common dental problems, such as tooth decay, dental pain, infection, cleanings, referrals to other specialists, and early orthodontic intervention. Yet, today’s pediatric dentists treat much more than the teeth and gums. Today’s pediatric dentists take a comprehensive, “whole-body” approach to dental health, as it relates to the entire body because of the interrelation and interaction between the health of the teeth, gums, and oral cavity to whole-body health.

Today’s pediatric dentists are also adopting and following practice philosophies and new modes of treatment that go beyond “traditional” care an incorporate research and evidence from other disciplines. Thus, more pediatric dentists are taking a multidisciplinary approach to their practices.

In addition, pediatric dentists may now refer to their practices or be known among colleagues and parents as alternative, holistic, natural, integrative, functional, or biological, to name the most popular “non-traditional” approaches to care. It is important to note that these terms are neither precise nor mutually exclusive. The terms can mean different things to different people, and also, pediatric dentists may combine elements of different practice philosophies or choose different modes of treatment, to adapt to different parental and patient preferences and health situations.

In future blog posts, we will explain “non-traditional” approaches to pediatric dentistry in more detail.

The Importance of Treating a Narrow Palate in Children

Narrow Palate Treatment for Children in Los Angeles, CA

A narrow palate is something that most people don’t consider until it starts affecting their kids. The presence of a narrow palate is a relatively common dental condition in children with a wide variety of potential causes. Genetics, facial trauma, and unhealthy habits, such as thumb sucking can all lead to narrow palates in children. The good news is that there are solutions, including narrow palate treatment for children in Los Angeles, CA. Treating your child’s narrow palate today will help:

Prevent Further Complications – Most parents are aware that narrow palates can result in insufficient space for permanent teeth to come in properly, potentially leading to overbites and crossbites. Yet, parents may not be aware that a narrow palate can restrict the airway, leading to breathing problems, and also prevent the oral cavity and face from developing properly in terms of structure/function and also, aesthetics. 

Reduce the Need for Future Treatments – Orthodontic treatment for older kids and adults can be a significant financial and time commitment. That’s why it’s important and wise to take care of dental issues at an early age before they worsen and become more expensive to treat. 

Boost Your Child’s Confidence – Every child deserves to smile with confidence. Proactively treating pediatric dental issues when children are young will set them up for confident adolescence and adulthood.

Don’t hesitate to contact Hila Robbins, DMD, Inc. for more information about pediatric dentistry and narrow palate treatment for children. As a kids’ dentist specialist, Dr. Robbins will be more than happy to explain the treatment options available for your child. We look forward to supporting your family soon.