The Benefits of Taking Your Child to an ALF Dentist

The Benefits of Taking Your Child to an ALF Dentist

The Advanced Lightwire Functional (ALF )is an innovative treatment modality, involving the use of a specially designed and fitted oral appliance, that gently encourages and facilitates optimal orofacial development and function. Leveraging the principles of cranial osteopathy, ALF encourages healthful, natural structural positioning and function of bone, connective tissue and muscles and can provide stable results. Following a thorough exam, usually including highly precise, three-dimensional imaging, ALF patients are fitted with a removable appliance to facilitate optimal movement (growth and development) and positioning of the jaws, dental arches, and teeth. Your ALF dentist in Los Angeles, CA, will be able to determine whether ALF treatment is the right approach for your child’s individual needs and circumstances.

The ALF Advantage

There are several reasons parents and pediatric dental specialists choose ALF:

Comprehensive Treatment — considers the whole patient; more than “just the teeth”

“Natural” Approach — works with the body’s optimal trajectory of development

Gentle Pressure — facilitates, rather than forces movement of bones and teeth

Wellness Enhancement — the goal is optimal health, for a lifetime

Aesthetic Appeal — Positive results for facial development and self esteem

Traditional Braces vs. ALF

While traditional braces are an excellent choice for straightening the teeth or improving the bite, they may not always the best, or only, answer. Some children may experience other dentistry related health issues that traditional braces may not help. ALF for kids can address and potentially alleviate the symptoms of the following:

Breathing Issues Related to Airway Structure and Development

Clenching & Grinding of Teeth

Performance Impairment Due to Airway & Breathing Problems

Digestive Problems Related to Improper Chewing or Swallowing

Ear Problems (ringing or humming sounds in the ears, decreased hearing ability)

Fatigue and Sleep Disorder Related to Airway and Breathing Issues

Headaches Associated with Dental Issues

Postural Issues Related to Mouth Breathing and Orofacial Structure

Other Issues Related to Dental and Orofacial Development

To learn more about ALF treatment for your child, talk to an ALF dentist today.