The Benefits of Taking Your Child to an ALF Dentist

The Benefits of Taking Your Child to an ALF Dentist

The Advanced Lightwire Functional is an innovative orthodontic treatment that has been used in dental practices since its invention in the 1980s. Leveraging the principles of cranial osteopathy, ALF encourages changes in muscle function and typically provides stable results. ALF patients are fitted with a removable appliance to reposition jaws, dental arches, and teeth. Your ALF dentist in Los Angeles, CA, will be able to determine whether this appliance is the right solution for your child’s orthodontics.

The ALF Advantage

There are several reasons parents and pediatric dental specialists choose ALF:



Gentle Pressure

Time Savings Wellness Enhancement

Traditional Braces vs. ALF

While traditional braces are an excellent choice for straightening the teeth or improving the bite, they are not always the best answer. Children who require orthodontic treatment sometimes experience supplementary issues that braces cannot help. ALF for kids can potentially alleviate the symptoms of the following:

Allergies Caused by Restricted Nasal Airways

Clenching & Grinding of Teeth

Developmental Delays (caused by decreased blood flow to the brain)

Digestive Problems

Ear Problems (ringing or humming sounds in the ears, decreased hearing ability)


Headaches (including migraines)

Neck & Back Pain

Vision problems (blurred vision, strained eyesight) If you think a non-traditional approach to your child’s orthodontics may be the right choice, talk to an ALF dentist today.