We provide the information below to help our patients (parents and guardians) understand what to expect when making plans to visit our office.

You know the drill! To facilitate social distancing between patients, we have modified work flow at our office, including when and how patients enter and exit our office, and allowing extra time between patients.
All visitors must wash their hands in our private restroom upon entering our office
All adults and children should wear masks while visiting the office, as appropriate.

Visiting our Office: What to Expect (Updated June 16, 2021)

As a dental practice, our office continues to follow official public health guidelines and dental society recommendations that we expect to remain more rigorous than the newly revised State of California guidelines and recommendations that apply to visitors and employees in less highly controlled, public settings, such as retail locations and restaurants.

Infection control practices in which we are highly trained, and for which we are both well equipped and well prepared, will remain in place.

Please continue to follow our familiar protocols for patient visits.

  • Appointment scheduling to balance clinical need and official guidance for COVID mitigation, including the need for social distancing between patients, and extra time for treatment room preparation
  • At-home completion of patient forms prior to office visits
  • Telephone or text “check-in” from our outdoor parking lot
  • Available outdoor seating area
  • Screening questionnaire for COVID-19 symptoms & risk factors
  • Forehead temperature scanning (no-touch, instantaneous)
  • Mask wearing by adult visitors & children, as appropriate
  • Pre-treatment handwashing for all patients in our restroom
  • Available handspray sanitizer throughout office
  • Social distancing in office; separate entrance & exit as indicated
  • No toys, reading material, food or drinks in reception area
  • Staff practice standard and heightened infection control
  • Staff wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) per guidelines
  • Extra cleaning of “high-touch” surfaces by staff
  • Pre-treatment use of oral rinse disinfectants by patients
  • Filtration of office air with HEPA filters & UV light
  • Avoidance, minimization or mitigation of aerosols

Please Note: If patient or family members have been ill within two (2) weeks prior to appointment date, please call our office to re-schedule.